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Acrylic Paint Info

Acrylics can be used for painting on canvas, paper, boards, panels and most other prepared surfaces. As they are a very versatile medium, they are perfect for both beginners and professional artists.

Acrylics are available in both student and professional paints and can be used with a variety of painting techniques, including impasto and knife painting.

There are many different brands of acrylic paint and each artist will have their own preferences based upon available colours, strength and consistency.

Professional paint
The most expensive acrylic paints (for professionals) will normally have a high consistency of pigments, similar to that of oil paint.
The colours will seem much more vibrant and last longer than the student range.

Student paint
Cheaper sets of acrylics (student paint) will have a lower consistency of pigments. The pigments also tend to be of a cheaper sort and the paint often consists of a high amount of filler or extender.

When buying paint you may also want to look at what permanence the colours have. This is the pigment's lasting power and are normally displayed on the tube.

Even if you find the professional paints to be considerable more expensive that student paints, it is always advisable to invest in a couple of the more expensive paints rather than many of the cheap ones.

For beginners, buying the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) plus black and white should be enough to start a basic palette.

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