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Artist Business: Writing the Artist CV

The Artist CV is primarily used by fine artists for approaching galleries and art dealers and should mainly focus on artistic training and achievements.

Although galleries and art dealers will have different opinions with regards to the format of the CV’s they prefer to receive, the important thing is to keep it simple, clear and easy to read with well defined categories.

A typical CV is between one to four pages long and the layout should be kept simple. Stick to standard font and font sizes and always proofread the CV before sending it out to avoid any spelling mistakes. Also make sure the CV is current and up to date before submitting it.

Recommended inclusions are:

1. Personal Details
Name, address, phone number, website address and email and any other additional contact details. Your name should also appear on every page of the CV

2. Education/Artist Training
Any artist related education and training. Courses, BA/Foundation/honors degrees, post grad and academic achievements.

3. Grants and Awards
Any art related grants and awards you have received.

4. Exhibitions:
Should be listed in chronological order starting from the most recent exhibition.

Solo shows and group shows can be grouped together if you are a beginning artist have few exhibitions.

Experienced artists may choose to only include only selected exhibitions

5. Commissions
Any commission based work you have done.

6. Collections
This can be both public and private collection. Private collectors might want to stay anonymous, so permission should always be obtained before listing their name on your CV.

7. Current gallery representations and/or agent
Galleries/agents who are exhibiting and representing your work.

8. Bibliography
Any published articles, reviews and catalogues about your work.

9. Other categories you might want to include:
Artist Residency
Art Related Employment
Professional Memberships

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